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The GT-Online is the official database for German Disc Golf. You will find information about the current German Tour: Results, Overall Ranking and Tournament announcement.

Here you can sign-up for GT Tournaments and manage your tournament registrations. Tournament Directors can additionally apply for a GT tour with the GT-Gremium and manage these events. This function is only available for Registered Users.

Please contact the GT-Gremium if you have any questions, suggestions or problems concerning the application.gt-gremium@ec08.de.

Last Changes

Event Date Link
New Tournament in calendar 24.01.2015 Link
Tournament details updated 23.01.2015 Link
Start Fees updated 23.01.2015 Link
Added a new Tournament to the German-Tour 21.01.2015 Link
New Tournament in calendar 21.01.2015 Link

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